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Find an innovative collection of wooden toys online! Our collection includes wooden figures in various sizes and colors, made from high-quality, natural, and durable materials that are safe for your kids to play with. In addition, our wooden puzzles are both interesting and educational, helping to support your child's development of intelligence and imagination.
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Best Wooden Toys & Building Blocks UAE


Explore the magic of our wooden dolls and toys. Designed for imaginative play, these eco-friendly delights spark creativity. From adorable characters to engaging puzzles, experience the joy of sustainable, natural toys. Discover our wonderful selection of wooden toys that encourage development, inspire creativity, and offer hours of healthy play. We at Flying Tiger UAE support wooden toys because of their enduring appeal and beneficial educational qualities. Our assortment provides a wide range of exquisitely crafted wooden toys that encourage creative play, problem-solving abilities, and the growth of fine motor skills.


Wooden Puzzles, Animal Toys & Games Online


Explore our selection of playsets, wooden building set pieces, and wooden puzzles. Each toy has been thoughtfully created to stimulate young minds while promoting reasoning, spatial awareness, and hand-eye coordination. These toys offer countless chances for learning and exploration, from shape-sorting puzzles to stacking blocks. Utilizing our wooden pretend play sets, you can envelop your youngster in a world of imaginative play. These toys inspire imagination and group engagement and provide kids a respite from screens and give them opportunities for active, unstructured play. Our line of wooden toys is made from high-quality, sustainably harvested wood, and it's painted and coated with non-toxic materials to ensure longevity and safety.

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18 products