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Beading is a fun past time activity and most kids love to create jewellery. With our collection of glass and wooden beads, your kids can create colourful jewellery that they can use themselves or give away as gifts. They also can find the right string for the choosen beads in oreder to create their own design from breaded bracellets, necklace and more creative stuff. Shop now online!
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Enter the fascinating world of crafts and explore our extensive selection of premium materials. Whether you're an experienced jewelry maker or a beginner looking to create one-of-a-kind accessories, our beads and strings are your ideal choices. Discover a lovely range of vibrant colors and interesting shapes that will enable you to create unique items.


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We provide the ideal components to enhance your works, ranging from delicate seed beads to captivating jewels. Your handcrafted jewelry will stand the test of time with strong strings and adaptable cords. Flying Tiger's collection of beads and strings will help you start a wonderful crafting adventure while letting your creativity shine through each creation you create.

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26 products


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