Shop Flying Tiger UAE's collection of cleaning supplies and keep your surroundings spotless. From washing brushes, sponges and dusters to spray bottles, make life easier with our range of cleaning products and make cleaning time, a hassle-free experience for you.
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Perhaps not the most enjoyable task to perform is cleaning the house. However, keeping your house tidy is a terrific way to feel at ease. Not only is a clean home more delightful, but it also promotes good health. Some people find cleaning to be enjoyable and fun. Regardless matter how much you enjoy cleaning, Flying Tiger UAE has a wide selection of excellent cleaning supplies, including cleaning mitts and washing brushes. You may make your life as simple or complicated as you wish with our goods. These cleaning supplies are some of our favorites.



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Cleaning is a constant chore that we must all perform. So keeping some cleaning supplies on hand and organized in your home is a good idea. We provide everything you need, including bottles, sponges, and all-purpose towels and brushes. We've made it simple to locate the specific cleaning supplies you require based on your demands.
For instance, you might want to buy some dusting cloths if you have a lot of cleaning to do. Vacuuming is a laborious task. It's simple to let the vacuum run on its own if you're sleepy and fail to clean the floor. Therefore, give our cleaning products a try if you're seeking for something entertaining and difficult to do while cleaning.


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15 products


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