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We offer all the bar accessories you need to open wine or create delicious drinks. Our bar accessories collection includes gadgets like shakers, wine openers, and wine kits, as well as glasses, straws, and tiny parasols. Discover our comprehensive collection of bar accessories online, featuring the perfect mix of fun and stylish items to entertain your guests.
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Not everyone has enough space for a substantial home bar. If you do, that is simply fantastic. You can still get bar accessories even if your home doesn't have a genuine bar. We're all guilty of occasionally having some social fun and partying. Maybe your guilty pleasure is having a glass of wine in the evening. We offer all the bar accessories you want at Flying Tiger UAE to open the wine or mix some tasty drinks. Shakers, wine openers, and wine kits are a few of the gadgets we offer as bar accessories. But we also have small parasols, glasses, and straws. We have the ideal fusion of humorous and fashionable bar accessories for you to have a good time with the guests. The assortment of party accessories will wow your pals if you're looking to have some fun and have a few drinks.


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With the trendy bar accessories from Flying Tiger UAE online, prepare to enhance your bar game! We have a wide variety of coasters available in various styles. Consider using bold color combinations or elegant black-and-white patterns to exude refinement. And keep your glasses close because our humorous coasters will make you laugh. A cocktail umbrella is required. Additionally, our selection has straws that are ideal for those wonderful cocktails. Happy unending enjoyment!

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Glass straws

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Glass straws

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