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You never know when you might need to be creative or fix something, which is why you should check out our large selection of tape, glue, and stickers online. We have a vast range of reliable and safe tape and glue, including clear tape and universal glue that is easy to apply and flexible. Our colorful stickers are perfect for decorating your notebook or monitor.
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Take advantage of Flying Tiger UAE's extensive selection of tape and stickers to unleash your creative side when making crafts. Take your creations to the next level with our premium adhesive supplies. No matter how skilled or inexperienced you are, our tape and stickers offer a virtually limitless number of personalization and embellishment alternatives. Explore the range of brilliant colors, patterns, and designs, letting your imagination soar. The ideal finishing touches for your creations may be found in our assortment, which includes multicolored stickers. Use our online selection of tape and stickers to improve your crafts and give your creations that extra something.


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Discover a vast variety of bold colors, captivating patterns, and unique designs of glue to make your work stand out. Whether you select colorful tape or decorative stickers, our selection will inspire your creativity and give your crafts the perfect finishing touch you are looking for. The online collection of multicolor tapes and stickers will elevate your crafting activities and unleash your creativity.

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