Shop online our range of AA, AAA and alkaline batteries in all types of shapes and sizes and stock up on the batteries you need. Power up and recharge your day with our batteries range online. Our batteries are colour-coded to make it easier for you to find the right one you need. Also you can find the AAA battery which is the most common battery type. And the AA batteries are also very popular because you can use AA batteries in many standard appliances.
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Our reliable batteries will keep your devices powered up. Browse a wide selection of long-lasting and rechargeable batteries. Don't forget to look at our mobile chargers for easy on-the-go charging. To power your electronic devices, browse the wide range of dependable batteries from Flying Tiger UAE. We have the batteries you need for your toys, gadgets, lights, remote controls, and other electronics. Discover our selection of premium batteries to keep your devices charged at all times.


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The dependable battery range from Flying Tiger UAE will power up your electronic devices. For a full power solution, pick alkaline batteries for long-lasting performance or specialty batteries for specific appliances. Our AA batteries and alkaline batteries from the online collection at Flying Tiger UAE provide long-lasting power sources and keep your gadgets and home appliances operating for prolonged periods of time, whether you require batteries for wireless game controllers, portable speakers, or any other battery-operated equipment.

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