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Yoga is a great form of fitness and is one of the ways you can indulge in holistic activities. Release your body, mind and soul when you shop our online yoga gear and equipment, for beginners and experts alike. Explore a range of yoga blocks, yoga straps and much more at Flying Tiger.
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Improve your yoga practice with our fantastic yoga equipment. Enhance your experience with the blue yoga towel for better stability or use our practical grey yoga towel. Explore our selection of premium yoga accessories created to help you in your journey for balance, strength, and peace of mind. A lot of other fitness products are available in our fitness equipment section. Check it out!


Yoga Accessories in UAE


Our assortment of quality yoga mats at Flying Tiger UAE is made to offer support and cushioning. Take your practice to the next level by selecting the perfect yoga mat from our selection. Our selection of carry straps and yoga towels can make your practice more practical and fashionable. With our yoga tools and accessories, explore your options and reach your full potential. You can be sure to improve your yoga practice and find inner harmony when you shop the collection of high-quality yoga accessories that we provide. We have everything you need to make your yoga practice better, including sports bottles, towels, and exercise bands and other yoga props. Experience the transforming power of yoga with Flying Tiger UAE by shopping our collection today!

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9 products


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