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When attending a party, it's always nice to bring a thoughtful and beautifully wrapped gift. The wrapping is crucial as it represents the thought behind the gift and deserves a special presentation. After wrapping the gift, you can add some finishing touches with ribbons or bows. To make your gift extra special, consider adding a card with a special message from our wide selection.
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Gift Wrapping, Ribbons and Cards


At Flying Tiger UAE, we think that first impressions are important, even when delivering gifts. We are therefore totally enamored with all things gift-wrapped! We are aware of the love and consideration you put into gift-wrapping for your loved ones. So come along on the joyful adventure as we use our fine wrapping paper, gorgeous ribbons, and spectacular invitations to promote happiness. By providing thoughtful gifts that are elegantly wrapped and brimming with meaning, let's make every gathering special. Discover the wide variety of wrapping paper, gift bags, stylish ribbons and more. Don't forget about the greeting cards which are an expression of love, joy, celebration and more.


Make Your Gift Pop


Gift wrapping is an art that shows consideration and merits a personalized touch. Whatever you choose to use wrapping paper, gift bags, or inventive substitutes it all depends on your preferences and the situation. The gift's concealment in a bag increases the element of surprise. Add bows and ribbons to the gift, card, or wrapping paper to improve the presentation. Elegant invites establish the mood for a theme-based gathering. Our extensive variety offers all the cards you need, from birthday wishes to invitations.

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31 products