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Kids love to make clay art and play with colorful clay, so explore the diverse range of dough and clay online. There are various forms of dough and clay available, where each product serves a unique purpose. You can take a look at our modelling dough that offers endless possibilities for shaping and creating. Go on and shop Flying Tiger's selection of playing and shaping clay today!
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With Flying Tiger UAE's fascinating selection of dough and clay ingredients, be ready to unleash your creativity. Indulge yourself in a world of crafts and discover our extensive selection of premium materials. Our dough and clay products are made to help you realize your artistic visions, whether you're a seasoned sculptor or just a beginner exploring clay art. Explore a wide range of vivid colors, smooth textures, and limitless creative opportunities.


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Our selection, which includes playdough and modeling clay, offers the ideal medium for expressing your creativity. Our dough and clay ingredients are flexible in consistency and long-lasting in durability, ensuring that your colorful creations survive the test of time. Take your creating to the next level with Flying Tiger's selection of dough and clay, and you'll see your own artistic potential emerge in each finished product.

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