Want to create a cozy atmosphere in your living room or bedroom? Check out Flying Tiger's collection of decorative lamps, light boxes, and cozy lamps to add a warm glow. With Flying Tiger's lights and lamps, it's simple to transform the mood of your space with a variety of string lights in different styles and colors. Browse and shop online at Flying Tiger UAE.
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With our wide range of lighting solutions from Flying Tiger UAE, you can stylishly illuminate your house and create a welcoming ambiance. We have the ideal solutions for you whether you're wanting to set up lighting in your house, add decorative lighting elements, or create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Adding the perfect touch of lighting is crucial in order to alter the ambiance and mood of a place. To match various interests and preferences, our collection of lights and lamps offers a wide range of styles, designs, and finishes. We have the ideal lighting fixtures to improve any space in your house, from classy string lights to adorable alphabet light boxes and glass lanterns.


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Add pleasant lighting accents and make your living room feel nice and warm. Set the mood for relaxation in your bedroom with gentle, colorful string lights, or spruce up your living area with chic solar or glass lanterns that not only look good, but provides sufficient ambiance lighting. Our selection of lights and lamps guarantees that customers will be able to choose the lighting of their choice to decorate their homes to their tastes. Flying Tiger UAE has everything you're searching for, whether you prefer modern or traditional designs or something in between. Let your home continue to be your safe space with lighting that will enhance your environment with warmth and peace. 


Blue lantern

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Letters light box

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Blue cozy lamp

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