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Looking for toys and games for your little ones or you're confused trying to find a gift for the occasion? Discover our wide range of toys and games at Flying Tiger online. Our collection has something for everyone from educational toys and building blocks to outdoor toys and more - your little ones are bound to create some enjoyable memories. Not to forget about the variety of games available for everyone and every occasion, explore our family games, party games, educational games and more.

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Games and toys aren't only something that make us grin. They may also impart to us important life skills like math, love, and how to behave better. Toys and games can aid in the memory of those things that helped shape us as individuals as we grew older. At Flying Tiger Copenhagen, we think that games and toys are more than just consumer goods; they can be lifelong friends who support our learning and development. Discover online our kids games from dolls, soft toys, wooden toys and let your little ones enjoy their time. And enjoy the family time with our wide variety of tabletop games, classic board games and party with us by shopping our selection of party games and more. 


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Getting a toy on your birthday was a valuable experience when you were a child. Our toys are made to give both kids and adults the same fun. We have something for everyone, whether you're looking for a cute and cuddly plush toy or an instructive wooden toy.



Game Night - Bond with Friends and Family


A game night is always entertaining. Friends and family may become closer as a result. Whatever the game, it's all about interacting with others and spending time with the people you care about. From traditional board games to kid-friendly and family-friendly games to tabletop sports games and party games, educational games, we've invented it all. If you keep losing, some of them can even make you feel a little frustrated, but don't worry; each loss only makes you stronger and more eager to win the next game.