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Provide a fun playtime for your kids and let their imaginations run wild by letting them become anyone they desire with the diverse selection of pretend play options available online. Girls may like to pretend they are butterflies, while boys can become champions in any competition with a gold medal. Children have their own imaginary world, so let them explore and express themselves with the various dress-up collections available. Explore the Accessories collection to enhance your costume, all the way from colorful hair clips to adorable slippers!

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Imaginative & Dress up Play


With Flying Tiger UAE pretend play and dress-up collection, you can boost your child's creativity and self-expression. Discover a world of imaginary outfits and innovative accessories that will enable them to go on amazing imaginary adventures. With our engaging range, you can help your little ones boost their confidence and have countless creative adventures. The collection at Flying Tiger UAE aims to maximize the benefits of imaginative play for a child's growth, which is done by encouraging role-playing, storytelling, and social interaction.


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With our extensive selection of dress-up and pretend play toys, you can immerse your child in a world of imagination and watch their creativity blossom. Using our items to put together a variety of costumes and characters, you may turn your child into one of their favorite heroes. As kids assume different roles and conjure up their own enchanted journeys, foster self-expression and confidence. With our selection of pretend play accessories and toys, you can make playing more enjoyable. Children can immerse themselves in realistic play settings that further helps in fostering their creativity, problem-solving abilities, and social skills in the process.

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