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Discover our knitting and sewing online collection, all the way from simple tools for a beginner knitter, to more complex tools like sewing kits. We have everything you need to get started on your creative knitting or sewing journey. Knitting gives you a great opportunity to make something that you can use every day. You can knit a scarf, hat or maybe even a sweater for yourself, so shop from Flying Tiger now!
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Knitting for Beginners in UAE


With the large assortment of materials offered by Flying Tiger UAE, unleash your artistic creativity in knitting and sewing. Discover top-notch supplies and equipment that are ideal for both novice and expert crafters. Find everything you require, from handheld sewing machines and yarns to colorful cotton threads, to complete your creative projects. Explore the world of fabrics to create warm clothing, beautiful designs, and unique presents.


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Our knitting and sewing tools will inspire your creativity and advance your skills, whether you're an experienced knitter or a budding seamstress. With Flying Tiger's selection of knitting and sewing supplies online, you can explore countless options and begin a fulfilling crafting journey.

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