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Are you planning for an amazing and joyful party? Here, at Flying Tiger you can explore a wide variety of party decorations whether it's for a birthday party, gathering or any other occasion. Accessorise your party with balloons and wrap those special gifts in our variety of ribbons
& colorful wrapping. Discover a wide range of easy to wrap gift ideas and complete with a funky cool gift card.

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Party & Gifts Online UAE


For party lovers, Flying Tiger UAE is the place to shop online. We provide a variety of party equipment and gift suggestions for people of all ages. We emphasize the value of sharing special occasions with loved ones while promoting a light-hearted and optimistic view on life. Our offerings include decorations, bar accessories, balloons, costumes, and everything else required for a great party in order to spark creativity. We also support theme parties and strongly believe that the correct lighting and decorations can help to create a wonderful ambiance. Flying Tiger Copenhagen UAE online offers vibrant and artistically formed products in an effort to serve as a source of inspiration. You can also discover the wide range of materials to make any celebration delightful, from banners and streamers to napkins and candles.


Don't Forget the Gift


A gift is always warmly appreciated, whether you're attending a birthday celebration, a children's party, or just a nice night out with friends. But, at least at Flying Tiger Copenhagen, bringing a gift doesn't have to be expensive. We have a wide selection of enjoyable and fun presents, many of which start off inexpensively and are far more enjoyable, motivating, and significant than the money you paid for them.
Something that makes others smile and feel loved, appreciated, or seen is a terrific gift. And occasionally, you can accomplish all of these goals with just one tiny, thoughtful present. Start browsing and use your creativity to its fullest to find the ideal present with us.