Add a pop of color with our collection of quirky phone covers. If you are tired of being out and about and your phone battery's dying, then we have you covered with our charging cables and phone chargers. Whatever it is you’re looking for, Flying Tiger offers a series of phone accessory products to help you stay fashionable and online at all times

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Electronic Accessories Online


Explore the range of electronic accessories available online at Flying Tiger UAE. All the way from mobile covers, cases to tablet accessories, discover accessories in different materials and colors that suit your requirements. Decorate as well as provide additional protection to your electronic gadgets and devices with protective casing and screen protectors in sizes that suit your preferences. Find mobile accessories to enhance your experience while using your devices like charging cables, mobile covers and more, and audio devices such as wired or wireless headphones.


Best Electronic Accessories in UAE


You can be sure to keep your electronic devices completely charged for the day and listen to your music on the go, when you shop for the collection of affordable accessories for your devices as well as wearable electronics such as headphones. Choose from a wide range of options that meet your needs, be it cases for your phone and tablet or batteries for toys or devices.

73 Products available

73 products