‎Setting the table
Set your table with our latest tableware, including bowls, trays, glasses, and brightly colored napkins. Flying Tiger will help you focus on the details that will transform your dining room into a stylish space. Browse our collection of table settings to find what you need to enhance your dining table.
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Setting the Table 


You might not think a table can feel pretty. But setting the table to make you feel happy can go a long way. At Flying Tiger UAE online, we got it covered for you which we made it easy for you to be able to select from our wide variety of setting the table items from table runners, serving dishes, drinking glasses, colourful plates and much more. The table will reflect your personality, so make sure you show that personality through your table setting. The best way to decorate the surface of your table is to go for something that feels right.



Setting The Table for Special Occasions


We don't get to spend as much time with our loved ones as we'd want. But when we do, it's crucial to capitalize on the opportunity. And what more wonderful way to accomplish that than by setting a lovely table?
A nicely set table can make a world of difference whether you're hosting a gathering to celebrate a birthday, a holiday, or simply a normal get-together. It conveys your thoughtfulness to your visitors and fosters a welcoming atmosphere.
Therefore, don't be frightened to use original table settings. Use your preferred glassware, silverware, and dishes. Add some candles or fresh flowers. Don't forget to create the right atmosphere with some music or dialogue.


108 Products available