Make your furry friend happy with our selection of pet toys and foldable bowls. From interactive toys to durable and chewable pet toys. Also, choose from a variety of attractive and useful bowls to make eating a pleasure. Explore our variety to make your pet's daily life more enjoyable and convenient. Also, make sure to pamper yourself with some trendy items from our other accessories.

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Many elements can increase your pet's excitement, whether it's a nice mattress, a freshly acquired toy or bowl. And because we care about your beloved companion, we're glad to have your back. Explore a diverse range of pet toys professionally selected to fulfill all your needs. With our selection of pet toys, you can keep your pets busy and entertained. We provide a selection of toys made to entertain and challenge your pets, encouraging both physical activity and brain stimulation. Flying Tiger UAE has the ideal toy to suit your pet's tastes, whether they love to play with interactive toys or chase balls. Make happy memories with your pets by selecting from a variety of pet toys. Don't forget to explore our popular selection of accessories for both your travels and for your home that will keep your pets happy at all times.


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Since it's only natural to show your furry friends the utmost love and care, we provide a wide selection of high-quality pet accessories to make sure you meet their requirements. Our range of products at Flying Tiger UAE has everything you need to improve and enhance the comfort, happiness, and well-being of your beloved pets, from dogs accessories, toys and grooming supplies to feeding bowls and travel necessities. You can be sure that your pets will eat in style and comfort with our selection of feeding bowls and accessories. We provide a variety of bowls in different sizes and colors that are foldable and making them the ideal portable products to fulfill the needs of your pet. Shop pet food bowls to provide a convenient and hygienic feeding arrangement for your pet companions, at home or on the move.

18 Products available

18 products


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